Viper is DCA's next-generation pre-mastering product for CD, DVD and Blu-ray

Viper expands on advances made in the last couple years with simplified operation and increased connectivity.

For simplicity, Viper's user interface allows a user to build a job on the fly by selecting source, target, and operation(s) to be performed.

For increased connectivity, at loading Viper inserts a unique DiscTag into the disc image (stored with the disc metadata on DCA's DiscTag Server), calculates an HCRC value and saves the metadata.

For verification, upon disc insertion, Viper locates the DiscTag, looks up the metadata from the DiscTag Server, which includes HCRC values, and automatically matches the layers (against mis-bonding) and verifies image integrity (against any formatting/modulation/stamping errors).

Viper also:

Viper can be purchased in three configurations: Viper Load only (for transfer & analysis), Viper Verify (for HCRC verification) and Viper Pro (containing both load and verify in a single application, as well as a standalone Analysis and DiscTag Enable job).

Additionally, Viper can be utilized with any of the Viper Tools utilities for additional functionality, including DDP to MP3 conversion, DLT tape creation and DDP/CD-Text editing.

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